INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR ADVISORS IN PHILANTHROPY (AiP) Marketing and PR work RIA CENTRAL ( Consulting editor DOW JONES Interim newswire reporter WEALTH BUILDERS, INC. Don Schreiber, CEO, money manager Brochures, book editing FINANCIAL FORUM, INC. Book editing and writing INVESTMENT PROGRAM ASSOCIATION (IPA) Developer—Continuing Education modules PUSATERI TRAINING AND CONSULTING Marketing and PR work including books, white papers, articles etc. MONEY MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE Retained to write “Legacy: The History of Separately Managed Accounts” for them. Articles and newsletters. FROEHLICH FINANCIAL Marketing, white papers, advertising SUCCESS CONTINUING EDUCATION FAMILY OF COMPANIES Continuing education courses, articles, website content, PR. SENIOR CONSULTANT NEWSJOURNAL Independent editor for industry trade publication owned by industry veteran Steve Winks. Wrote articles, worked with writers, supervised production. INSTITUTE FOR INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS (now IMCA) Wrote their monthly newsletter, and worked with partner Lyn Fisher on national public relations program. (1990) Note:  Previously, at their launch in 1985, I worked with Dan Bott, founder, and handled all communications with media. Wrote articles and press releases for publication, helped with regional seminars. Prepared complete sales and marketing proposal (including editorial format and budgets) for prototype trade paper, Investment Management and Marketing News. NICHOLAS-APPLEGATE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Developed basic broker training program on "Making the Transition from Commission to Fee-Based Business." Additionally, developed training and practice management modules on various market segments for their wholesaler network, called Business Builders. PHILLIPS, FAHY, ROCKWELL--DIV. OPPENHEIMER & CO. (now at LPL) Charles Fahy, Investment Management Consultant Co-author of book titled, "Streetwise Investor" with Charles Fahy. Book is devoted to common-sense investing and insider expose` of unsuitable investments. PUBLISHED IMAGE Worked with newsletter publishing house on behalf of their mutual fund and money manager clients.  Successfully executed broker newsletters for Dreyfus and Regent Advisory Service (Alliance Capital). AMERICAN BUSINESS VISIONS Helped develop and produce 28,000-word cassette program for financial advisors for industry trainer, Steve Moeller. Assisted with his marketing seminars. Provided consulting.  REA & ASSOCIATES Mutual Fund Implemented all publicity and direct mail programs for this small mutual fund house.  The manager, James Rea, Sr. was a partner of Benjamin Graham, the legendary value investing guru. SALOMON SMITH BARNEY Patrick Ryan, Portfolio Manager Published and edited his book, "Little Known Facts About Wall Street." RESEARCH MAGAZINE Developed and wrote their "Research Reporter" section on news and industry trends. (1998) CPA CLUBS, INC. Four-year marketing and promotion campaign for national franchiser of CPA clubs (former Dean Witter big producer). FIELDS, FEHN & SHERWIN Securities attorneys Developed, created and implemented all marketing programs, including direct mail, advertising and PR. Designed, wrote and produced "Smart Money Gazette," a tabloid newspaper for California brokers focusing on legal and marketing topics. Handle a direct mailing for him every spring to west coast brokers. KATERSKY FINANCIAL Conceptualized, designed and wrote 12-page, 7-color corporate image and capabilities brochure for real estate syndicator. WINTEC Created complete marketing and sales program for wind energy development in San Gorgonio (Palm Springs). Included 15-minute video for KWHY-TV (script and location supervision), ads, 12-page sales brochure, publicity articles for trade and consumer magazines. WALL STREET PUBLISHERS Developed marketing plan, budgets and sales projections, editorial format and promotional strategies for new financial trade publication, Investment Broker. BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT GROUP Wrote sales brochures, publicity articles and shot all photographs for collateral pieces.  Aaron Hemsley, Ph.D., is often referred to as the "broker doctor" in the securities industry. PUSATERI TRAINING AND CONSULTING Ghostwriter for industry trainer’s book titled, “Mirror Mirror on the Wall." Marketing collateral and white papers. --clients outside the securities industry-- VANGUARD CANCER FOUNDATION Currently doing volunteer work for California financial aid organization and oncologist researcher, Dr. Robert Nagourney.  Formerly a board member and director of public relations.  BECKER ENGINEERING Wrote and helped design brochure and media kit for new computer-aided software program for AutoCad users. Wrote publicity plan, which was never implemented due to budgetary restrictions. PETERSEN PUBLISHING CO. Wrote 12-page, full-color promotional brochure for new magazine, "Sport Truck." Also responsible for establishing complete data base of automotive manufacturer and distributor listings for  "Hot Rod" annual directory. GOODYEAR/Special Events Editor/Associate Publisher of special events magazines distributed at all Goodyear-sponsored automotive and racing events across the country. COAST NEWS Consulting editor and sales manager for coastal newsweekly. As former sales manager, developed campaigns for advertisers and provided marketing assistance. EVERYTHING GOES, INC. Completed marketing, sales promotion and public relations campaign for revolutionary, computerized bumper sticker machine for personalized bumper stickers. FAMILY LIFE INSTITUTE Developed public relations and marketing plan for adoption and counseling agency in LaJolla. Wrote capabilities brochure and shot all black and white photos. LA COSTA SPORTS PRODUCTS, INC. Designed and wrote sales brochure for new golf club head cleaner product.

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