Print Ad (copy and design)    $1,000-5,000
Website Content     $.50 -$1 per word
Sales Letter/Direct Mail    $750-1,000 page
Brochure      $500-$600/page
White paper (writing only)    $ .50 -$1 per word
Newsletter      $500-$600/page
Feature Story       $1.50 per word
Case History      $1,000-$2,000
Press Release        $300 page
Press Kit      $2,000
PowerPoint/script     negotiable
Copyediting      $20/page; $50/hr/or flat rate
Consulting (phone)     $100 hr
Research      $100 hr
Ghostwritten book     $40-70,000 depending on
research and word count

Print Ad (copy and design): $1,000-5,000

Website Content: $1 per word

Sales Letter/Direct Mail: $750-1,000 page

Brochure: $500-$600/page

White paper (writing only): $ .50 -$1 per word

Newsletter: $500-$600/page

Feature Story: $1.50 per word

Case History: $1,000-$2,000

Press Release: $300 page

Press Kit: $2,000

PowerPoint/script: negotiable

Copy Editing: $30/page; $100/hr/or flat rate

Consulting (phone): $100 hr

Research: $100 hr

Ghostwritten hardcopy book: $15k—$50k depending on research and word count

Ghostwritten/collaboration digital ebook:  $5k –$7k Pls inquire.

Book content licensing: $5k up to 100 pages. Pls inquire about details.

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