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Interested in growing your business? Need help with business planning for increased success? Want help building a results-oriented marketing strategy? Work with Mike Byrnes.

I am constantly amazed by Mike’s expertise and skill in the many areas where advisors and firms need help the most. From marketing, PR, traditional media, social media, communications, business consulting, speaking engagements, networking, and so much more. Since 1992, Mike has been offering value above and beyond other marketing professionals in our industry. You hear the saying “Jack of all trades, Master of none.” Well, in my opinion and many others…he is the Master of ALL!!! Mike is a great teacher and takes the time to explain the processes and the “whys” and the “why nots.” Seriously, stop spending time looking for help for the things you need and call Mike. You will bless the day you did. He will not disappoint. All that and, oh by the way, he is the nicest guy in our business. Take my word for it.

Here is an overview of Mike’s many services:

Consulting Services

Work with advisors, executives and business owners, creating business plans to define and prioritize strategies, with clear and measurable goals to succeed:

  • develop roadmaps for growth and determine service models to increase client advocacy.
  • assist our clients become more successful, enhancing their profitability and quality of life.

Construct Customized Marketing Strategies

  • define unique brand attributes for all communications, build marketing plans around profitable target markets, and construct tactical implementation calendars with clear measures for success.
  • utilize the right mix of PR, social media, websites, events, advertising, direct mail, emails, marketing collateral, research and business development to increase sales.

Work With Owners and Management to Improve Their Leadership Effectiveness and Team Building.

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