Marketing & PR

I began my career in marketing and PR in Memphis, Tennessee at a small advertising agency. I had a great mentor who was an ad icon in our city. He took me under his wing and taught me the basic tenets of good communication and branding. Today I have more than 35 years of marketing, advertising and PR experience which includes consumer clients (Technicolor and Amcord/National Education from the earlier days) and financial services clients from 1976 on. See my list of past and current clients under “Clients.” Marketing is my strong suit and I can take a project from inception to successful completion, and will do it within budget and by the deadline needed. If it is an ongoing project—even better—because I enjoy building and maintaining the relationships. Over the years, I have developed strong relationships with other marketing and PR professionals and have a solid strategic alliance with them. They are copywriters, editors, book authors, small and large PR agents and agencies, marketing and branding firms, as well as consultants and coaches.  See who I work with under “Alliances.”

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