Sydney LeBlanc

As a financial writer, author and publisher, I have been in the financial services industry since 1976. After co-founding Registered Rep magazine, I have had the good fortune to work with thousands of advisors, broker-dealers, money managers, fund companies and others affiliated with our industry.

Since that time, I have authored (or co-authored) 15 books, published two more magazines (Securities Industry Management and Transitions) and have been editor-in-chief of several industry publications, as well as a columnist and writer for others.

For the longer story you may wish to view my bio, which includes information on my journalism recognition and my prized award from the Money Management Institute, “Managed Account Pioneer,” for my book Legacy: The History of Separately Managed Accounts, and other work in that area.

Book Author/Co-author:

Streetwise Investor

PR Savvy for the Financial Professional

Little Known Facts About Wall Street (with advisor Pat Ryan)

Legacy: The History of Separately Managed Accounts

The Wealth Factor

The Wealth Factor II: Wealth Management Teams

The World of Money  Management

The Guide to Independent Business Ownership (for Wachovia)

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (for Leo Pusateri)

Handbook of Managed Accounts (for Phoenix/Gresham)

Stop and Think

Happily Ever After

Bullish Thinking for Managers

Bullish Thinking for Advisors

Currently working on 2 books: Financial Fraud, and Investing in Water (2009)

Partial list of publications that have carried my articles:

On Wall Street, Financial Advisor, Investment Advisor, Financial Planning, Registered Rep, Research, Global Investing, Securities Industry Management, Financial Strategies, California Planner, The MoneyPaper, MoneyMakers, Business Today, Robb Report, InFashion, International Vue, Financial Services Week, Goodyear Auto Events Magazine, The Coast News, Blade-Citizen News, Dreyfus Mutual Fund and Alliance Capital newsletters.